Legal advice

GCCRS has partnered with Community Law Canterbury (CLC) to assist homeowners with legal advice.

Community Law Canterbury (CLC)(external link)

CLC lawyers can give you advice on things like:

  • interpretation of policy;
  • what further information should be received from insurers, or technical experts;
  • the terms and effect of accepting an ‘out of policy’ statement offer;
  • the terms of the GCCRS Dispute Resolution Agreement; and
  • all other options for resolving disputes.

As a homeowner, you can engage with CLC directly. GCCRS will not receive a copy of this advice without your permission.

In most cases, the costs of this advice will be met by GCCRS. Your CLC lawyer will explain what costs are covered by GCCRS. Any potential additional costs will be discussed with you before they are incurred.

You can use your own lawyer, although the costs will not be met by GCCRS.