How we work

GCCRS takes the lead on coordinating with all agencies involved in your claim to ensure a streamlined resolution process. We know this is about more than settling your claim – it's also about getting your life back on track.

We know it hasn’t been easy for some homeowners. That’s why we’re focused on providing transparent and coordinated support to resolve outstanding insurance claims and help people move on with their lives.

You can ask for help with your claim regardless of its status and nature. We’re doing more than just providing advice – we tailor an approach to your needs, to put you on a pathway to claim resolution.

Below is information on the steps your case will follow.

Meet with your settlement support case manager

Once you register, a settlement support case manager will arrange an initial face-to-face meeting either at your home or the GCCRS offices in Christchurch, depending on what is convenient for you.

Your case manager will be your single point of contact through the entire process, representing your interests in discussions with all agencies involved in your claim to ensure the process is efficient and transparent. Their guidance and support, combined with the streamlined cross-agency process, will result in your claim being resolved more efficiently than it otherwise might have been.

It is important to us that you have the opportunity to tell us your concerns, challenges and what is important to you in resolving your claim. Our aim is to clearly understand where your claim is currently, where you want it to be and more importantly, what you want to achieve post settlement.

Your case manager operates under the GCCRS Homeowner Charter and the MBIE Code of Conduct both of which focus on acting fairly, impartially, responsibly and in a trustworthy manner.

You can prepare for your meeting with your settlement support case manager by pulling together any documents you already have, and writing down the key points that are important to you so we can understand your perspective.

Homeowner portal

Once you register with GCCRS, your information and updates on the status of your claim will be available in the homeowner claim portal.

Your case manager will provide you login details and instructions on how to use the homeowner portal, so you can see how your claim is progressing and what the next steps are at any time.

If you have any issues with your logon or access after it has been provided please call our help desk on 0508 624 327.

Login to GCCRS homeowner portal(external link)

Guide to using the GCCRS Portal [PDF, 813 KB]